I want to learn bujinkan. Where do I start?

Simply browse our bujinkan dojo directory: choose a country and contact any dojo. Most dojos list their training schedule and address on their page so it's easy to know WHEN you can join a training session with them. Most dojos offer a free demo lesson, but always contact them first to know for sure.

For dojo owners

Do I need to register or login to add a dojo?

No. Our website lets you add your dojo without registration and without login. We work with a convenient email-based security system. You only need to provide a valid email address when adding your dojo. It's easy.

How can I attract more members to my dojo?

If you want to increase your visibility and stand out more then you can upgrade your dojo page here.

How do I edit my dojo page?

At the bottom of your dojo page you will find an "edit"-link. Click it and fill in the email address you used to create the page. Afterwards you will receive access information in your mailbox.

Security: how do I revoke access to edit my page?

When you suspect somebody else has access to edit your page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the form to edit your page. See previous question.
  2. Check the checkbox marked "Yes, generate new secret" (at the bottom of the form) and hit Save.
  3. Request your new secret via the edit link at the bottom of your dojo-page (again). You will then receive it in your mailbox and the other person(s) won't have access to your page anymore.

How do I remove my dojo page?

You can request removal by sending us your secret edit link and a request to remove your page from our directory.

How can I change my email notification settings?

Go here to change the way we remind you of new and unread messages.

Can I advertise on bujinkan.eu?

Yes, contact us if you want to reach martial arts enthousiasts with your products or services.