• Dojo name Te-Nage Dojo Takamatsuden Kyu no Bugei
  • Address See "Trainingschedule", 2100 Antwerp
  • Country Belgium
  • Phone +32485990512
  • Website http://www.te-nage.be
  • Member amount 7
  • Trainers
    Achim Steigert, nidan.
    Andy Peeters, shodan.
    Training schedule
    Friday, 20.00-22.00
    't Baronneke
    Baron Leroystraat 31
    2100 Deurne

    Please be advised that we exclusively follow the teachings of Dr. Kacem Zoughari and his students. If you like that, you'll be quite welcome!

    Contact Te-Nage Dojo Takamatsuden Kyu no Bugei:

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